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5 Ways To Recycle More At Christmas Website

Christmas is a busy time for everyone, preparing gifts for friends and family, Christmas dinner and other Christmas activities can leave you with little time. It is also the busiest time of the year for waste companies and collections. During the Christmas period between 25-30% more waste is created compared to the rest of the year. What’s more is every year more and more of us are becoming educated and aware about how to recycle more at Christmas.

Although we have seen an increase in the amount of full recycling bags and a decrease in black bin bags, the majority of people are still unsure of what can go into their recycling bins/ bags. Therefore, we have created a checklist made up of 5 ways you can recycle more this Christmas!

  1. Recycle wrapping paper

One reoccurring item that often ends up in the recycling is wrapping paper, specifically shiny or glossy. Much of the glossy or laminated gift wrap that’s popular around Christmas can’t be recycled; neither can many of the ribbons, especially those with wire mesh. You can also do the scrunch test with wrapping paper to see if it can be recycled, this is where the paper once scrunched stays as a ball. Why not opt for a newspaper, paper grocery bags or other natural-fibre paper as a great alternative. Reusable shopping bags or totes are an even better idea as these are multiuse.

  1. Christmas cards

Why not save your Christmas cards each year so you can cut the fronts into gift tags? This is a clever way of saving money, reducing waste, and it gives you a unique touch to your Christmas gifts. You can also upcycle used wrapping paper, gift tags and cards into Christmas decorations like hanging tree ornaments. Be thrifty and have fun whilst being environmentally friendly.

  1. Food waste

Over the Christmas period, it is averaged that 54 million platefuls of food are wasted. There are many ways to reduce the amount of food wasted and ways you can upcycle leftover food. One way is by heating leftovers and giving them out to homeless people or homeless feeds. Look for recipes online how you can turn your leftover food into something creative and delicious. You could also pass them along to food banks, these can be easily located in supermarkets and community halls.

  1. Plastic-free parties

If you are planning a Christmas party, why not supply recycling bins around the house for your guests to use? They are more likely to recycle items in-situ than to trek to the kitchen to dispose of bottles or cans. Why not use lost cost glasses to drink out of or paper cups as an alternative to plastic cups.

  1. Cardboard boxes

Most people order their gifts and Christmas essentials online as it is faster and more convenient, the downside to ordering online is the amount of packaging it tends to come in, this is mainly cardboard boxes. It is important to flatten down cardboard boxes before placing them into the recycling, this ensures that all cardboard boxes make it into the recycling. You could also use them as storage boxes for decorations and recovered wrapping paper or to upcycle into cardboard dollhouses.

Are you encouraged by this Christmas list? Are you inspired to recycle more? Bakers Waste have every solution when it comes to recycling! Visit our specialised recycling page by clicking here to find out more.

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