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Back To School Recycling Tips

Remember when looking into your child’s school supplies for the new school year, you probably have an abundance of things from the previous year which you can still use. This is a perfect example of reusing and what’s more, is the brand new supplies you may need to add to this can be recycled products or even made from recyclable materials. This will help you by giving you some important back to school recycling tips

An average student that takes their own lunch to school can produce around 67 pounds of waste per year, this adds up to around 18,000+ pounds of waste per year for a school with the average amount of students.

Simple things like choosing the correct lunch box will help you to prevent the use of single-use materials.

Try to avoid using plastic water bottles every day, why not buy a reusable water bottle? Not only does this solution save the planet, but it saves you money too!

Some back to school recycling tips for parents:

  • Some schools have a take-back scheme where you can return the pre-worn uniform. This will help parents to buy their children’s uniform at a discounted price.
  • If the school does not have a take-back scheme, you and other parents could look into creating one.
  • Why not create a Facebook page for other parents to join in which you can share pre-worn uniform?

If you have any uniform that’s in good condition, pass it onto family or friends.

If you have items of uniform that are not reusable then you can recycle them. These can be used to help make new items such as the padding for chairs and industrial blankets.

Bakers Waste Services Ltd recycle an abundance of materials on a daily basis, click here to read more on how and what we recycle.


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