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Back to work? Here’s the benefits to considering your Business Waste!

So, you and the rest of the country are eagerly anticipating an official restart. Businesses are set to reopen this June, hooray! What does this mean for business owners? Sort out the waste disposal, right? Right at the top of the list, above building or site costs, employees production and oh yes, managing to keep employees, customers, and suppliers safe throughout the entire process. Okay…perhaps it is not the first thing you have thought about, but it shouldn’t be the last!

Benefits of Business Waste

Often waste is the last thing people think about, and we understand it’s not at the forefront of everybody’s mind. In a way, your waste and recycling collections should almost go unnoticed. When will you notice them? When your bins are overflowing and there’s a waste mountain on your premises!

Removal of excess waste can be an expensive task, so it’s best to keep on top of it. What’s more, is its actually a lot easier to segregate and recycle your waste you keep on top of it too.

It goes without saying, but maintaining cleanliness is extremely important now to optimise your chance of staying safe from COVID-19 and removing waste efficiently does just this. If your business produces waste, it is subject to a duty of care, which is a safe provision for the management of waste to protect human health and the environment.

To recap, here are the benefits to Commercial Waste Removal;

  • Save money!
  • Increase recycling rates
  • Improve cleanliness
  • Conform to waste duty of care legislation

Bakers Waste can help with your Business Waste

Here at Bakers Waste Services Ltd, we are proud to have over 18 years of experience handling business waste in Leicester, Leicestershire, Northampton, Milton Keynes and the East Midlands. Below are the waste disposal services ideal for business waste collections. Click into two of our most popular business waste services below to read more.

Enquire about Business Waste today by calling us on 0333 121 0426 or filling in our enquiry form below!

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