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Meal – Award Evening

Bakers Waste Awards Evening 2018

Bakers Waste Services Ltd held an awards evening on Saturday 19th January 2019 celebrating the amazing work of our drivers, workshop and depots.

This is the heart-beat of Bakers Waste and the people that are responsible for making things happen. Everyone at Bakers Waste would like to recognise the hard-work, determination and enthusiasm which runs throughout the business and in particular within our depots, workshop and driving teams in Leicester, Northampton and more. ONE TEAM.

Below in no particular order are the Bakers Waste Awards Evening Winners 2018:

Best Team Player 2018 – Mike Kent

Living up to the title of the award, Mike Kent is an extremely flexible member of our driving team, who can drive any of our vehicles including Trade Waste Vehicles, Skip trucks, Roll on Roll Off (RORO) trucks and more.

mike kent

Best Mentor 2018 – Adam Williams

Adam is one of our senior driver’s with a vast amount of experience; using this experience Adam goes out with new drivers to show them their routes and ensures they’re comfortable before going out alone. Furthermore, Adam also regularly comes into the office and works closely with the operations team on improving driver routes.

adam williams

Most Improved 2018 – Ryan Clarke

Joining the Bakers Waste team in 2017, Ryan has come on in leaps and bounds and is now one of our most dependable drivers. Ryan also completed his Class 1 license with Driving Talent Ltd in 2018.

ryan clarke

Most Versatile 2018 – Darren Croke

Enthusiasm oozes out of Darren and this shows in his supervision of the drivers at our Northampton depot. One of the proudest members of the Bakers Waste team, Darren displays versatility on a daily basis and always leads by example.

Darren Croke

Above and Beyond 2018 – Richie Bourn

Continuing the enthusiasm our Northampton site seems to instil, Richie is known for his “ONE TEAM” catch-phrase which has spread all over the business. Richie is our Northampton Depot Supervisor who isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty or “practice what you preach”. – You may also notice that Richie lives up to his award in all “walks” of life, managing to sustain a leg injury on a trampoline recently…

richie bourn

Most Friendly 2018 – Chris Mitchell

Bakers Waste is a family-run business and this ethos is something which has stuck throughout the 16 and a half year tenure. This means being friendly and trustworthy are at the heart of what we do and Chris demonstrates this brilliantly.

chirs mitchell

Long Service 2018 – Michael Coyne

Michael is the epitome of the Bakers way, having seen the business move head office on three occasions, as well as the fleet growing by over three times. Consistently collecting commercial wheelie bin waste in Leicester for almost 14 of Bakers Waste 16 years, Michael Coyne is our Long Service Winner 2018.

michael coyne

Brand Ambassador – Marek Pracowity

Following a flurry of positive customer reviews and Marek’s involvement with Bakers Waste’s 5k Obstacle run raising money for Colostomy UK, this award proved to be pretty obvious in the end. Congrats on being our Brand Ambassador for 2018, Marek Pracowity.

Marek Pracowity

Pride in Truck 2018 – Richard Thompson

Maintaining our fleet is extremely important for a multitude of reasons; keeping them on the road comes first, but making sure they look good too is another. Richard could have been nominated for Above and Beyond too, due to his excellent attitude towards looking after his vehicle.

richard thompson

Most Consistent 2018 – Joanna Lawniczak

Consistency is the most important quality for our Skip truck drivers; this job changes on a constant basis with no two days the same, which is why completing every job at the same high standard can prove to be a difficult task. – Well done Joanna on achieving award Most Consistent 2018.

Joanna Lawniczak

Best Communicator 2018 – Neil Marvin

Driving both Moffett trucks and ROROs, Neil understands the importance to speak up should there be an issue, which gives the Bakers Waste team a head-start on continually making things better. Neil’s passion for driving never goes unnoticed and we’re very pleased to have him as part of our team.

Most Accommodating 2018 – Phil Scoular

Working the night shift at our Leicester head-office workshop, Phil provides Bakers Waste with ready-to-go trucks every morning, making everyone else’s lives just that little bit easier, which makes a big difference.

Comedy Categories

Best Hair 2018 – Mark Common

Self-nominated hair fanatic, Mark Common wins Best Hair award (hairspray) for 2018. Mark is also our Driver Supervisor at head-office, Leicester.

Mr. Grumpy 2018 – David Lonsdale

A few laughs and cackles were received as this one was announced; David Lonsdale is pictured smiling for the first time since joining the Bakers Waste team…David also drives one of our Trade Waste Vehicles and does it very well.

david lonsdale

Most Wanted 2018 – Rob Tyson

A running joke, Rob Tyson is the model Plant Mechanic we need more of! – Going from Enderby to Head-office to Northampton, if only we could clone him. – Joking aside, we are recruiting for a Plant Mechanic in Leicester and Northampton right now! Click here to apply.

rob tyson

If you’re interested in becoming a member of the Bakers Waste team, click here to view our job opportunities.

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