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Beaumont Park

Gathering at Beaumont Park, Leicester, members of Bakers Waste were accompanied by Anthony James Insurance Brokers Ltd. Driving Talented Ltd. and WorkStuff UK Ltd. Other companies included McDonald’s, Greggs and Costa Coffee. They took part in the charity litter picking event to raise awareness and money for Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife.

By doing this, Bakers Waste and friends have managed to raise over 50% of their goal for Rutland Wildlife Trust, whose aim is to engage people with nature and to safeguard the wildlife that is protected there.

Litter picking

As we are all (hopefully) aware, recycling is an important aspect of saving the environment and Bakers Waste is a company who solely revolves around this. Our message is clear: we are the solution to all waste.

And whilst Bakers Waste specialises in picking up and recycling waste from large construction sites, on Saturday 14th September, the employees of Bakers Waste took part in a local charity fundraising event.


By choosing to partake in litter-picking, Bakers Waste and co. aimed to raise awareness of the work that is needed to remove the waste, all just by starting in their local area. This would hopefully lead on to encourage others to do the same. If not, donate to those who can help. This, ultimately, is one step closer to the goal of leaving the Earth a much tidier place.

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