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Can You Recycle Frozen Food Boxes

Can You Recycle Frozen Food Boxes?

As you may have already noticed, frozen food boxes are very similar to the kind of boxes that Cakes, Cereal Bars and other non-perishable snacks but with one very important difference…

In order for these boxes to be suitable for the extreme cold temperatures, they are very often made from poly-coated paperboard. This is sometimes called plastic-coated paperboard. Frozen food boxed are required to have the coating on plastic like substance to protect them from the temperatures. This extremely thin layer of plastic is what usually means frozen food boxes cannot be widely recycled.

Before you put your ice lolly and frozen pizza boxes in with your other mixed recycling you should call your local recycling centre to see if they will accept this. As is generally the case with mixed-materials packaging, both materials used to make frozen-food boxes are recyclable, but they are layered in such a way that it becomes difficult to separate them during the recycling process.

Some Waste Management places with carry out a service called Hydro-pulping where they will essentially separate the plastic coating from the cardboard so that it can then be recycled separately.

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Wax-coated cardboard is another mixed-material packaging product that is similar to, and often confused with, poly-coated paperboard. You can differentiate the two materials by scratching the coating; if the coating is gouged or comes away easily, it is coated in wax, not plastic. Similar to poly-coated paperboard, wax-coated cardboard it is rarely recyclable.

You could also try to forego frozen meals altogether. Consider making large batches of meals you love and freezing them in reusable containers at the beginning of each week. This would eliminate many of these hard-to-recycle mixed-material boxes from your life, and might even save you some money!

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