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Well-known Danish beer producer Carsberlg has revealed it’s prototype for the first beer bottle to be created from paper and other sustainable resources in its aim to becoming more environmentally friendly. Carlsberg are currently in the early stages of development for this new range.

What the beer bottle prototype is made of?

The beer bottle is being tested with two different types of materials. One is a thin PET plastic polymer film and the other being a 100% bio-based PEF plastic polymer film. Carlsberg quoted that both will be used to test the barrier technology. In relation to the prototype, Carlsberg’s ambition is to, in the near future, create a 100% bio-based bottle without polymers. This is also part of Carlsberg’s wider sustainability goals to achieve 0 carbon emissions across its breweries 30% cut in its full value chain CO2 footprint by 2030.

How positive are Carlsberg about this new range?

Myriam Shingleton, who is the vice president group for development at Carlsberg Group, said “The fibre bottles are better for the environment than aluminium or glass because they are sourced in a sustainable way, and because the material has a very low impact on the production process”. Although, the final product is still a few years from completion. The company has been working on this new range since 2015, alongside tech firm ecoXpac.

Is anyone else turning to sustainable resources?

The beer company has also joined forces with a number of other well-known companies, such as Absolut, Coca-Cola and L’Oréal to create a new “paper bottle community” aimed at further developing green packaging. From this PepsiCo and Coca-Cola have also shared plans to change the way the package their drinks. Their new ideas include to start selling water in aluminium cans to cut down on their use of plastic.


We think this is a great idea! Its ‘Lager’ than life!

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