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Sam Hagger Stood Outside The Forge Inn

Case Study: The Beautiful Pubs Collective

Suitably named independent business, The Beautiful Pubs Collective, is made up of three pubs based in and around Leicester. Established in 2008, Knight & Garter, Rutland & Derby, and Forge Inn collectively boast an abundance of awards and accolades. Such as East Midlands Pub of the Year 2019, County Pub of the Year 2019, Top 25 Employers in Hospitality Awards 2015.

In fact, The Beautiful Pubs Collective owner, Sam Hagger, has his very own accolades to boot. Most recently picking up the Leicester Mercury Business Awards’ ‘Executive of the Year’ in 2019.

Upon visiting the three beautiful pubs, their individuality is immediately apparent, each with its very own personality. “As wonderfully unique as the guests that visit them” as Sam puts it. However, waste, recycling and ultimately striving for sustainability are of mutual interest.

Beautiful Pub’s Relationship with Waste & Recycling

As with most businesses, half the battle for sustainability and waste disposal costs is knowing where to make changes or improvements. Many assume saving money and the planet are mutually exclusive, when in fact they’re intrinsically connected.

Below we highlight The Beautiful Pub Collective’s previous service and how it has been developed whilst working with Bakers Waste.

Prior to using Bakers Waste (Previous Services):

  • General waste collections, all going to land-fill
  • Increased land-fill taxes = high disposal prices
  • Overweight charges due to lack of bin-weighing technology
  • Increased environmental impact

Bakers Waste (Present Services):

  • Cardboard, glass, and food recycling bins added
  • Decreased land-fill taxes and therefore, lower disposal prices
  • Fewer overweight charges due to bin-weighing technology weighing to nearest KG
  • Decreased environmental impact

Partnership-like Support

Both Bakers Waste and The Beautiful Pubs Collective have seen substantial periods of growth during their time working together for just shy of 8 years. This has resulted in more staff, more pubs, more customers, and more waste. For example, when Knight & Garter opened, Sam’s team rose to 70 members of staff, almost double!

Bakers Waste has made it a priority to continually educate and work with Sam and his team(s) on the best ways to reduce the waste they produce, how to segregate their waste properly and consequently recycle and save money.

Though never formally agreed, Bakers Waste has consistently treated Sam Hagger’s The Beautiful Pubs Collective like a partner throughout the near 8 year tenure.

“Having worked with Bakers Waste for many years now, I’ve come to realise waste disposal is not quite as simple as I first thought. However, I’ve always been impressed by Bakers Waste’s partnership approach to communication and problem-solving, which in turn helps us achieve our business and recycling goals. We first came to Bakers Waste following a period of poor service from our previous supplier.

Firstly, Bakers Waste supplied Forge Inn on a trial basis, but it wasn’t long before we moved the entire collective to Bakers Waste. Now, I completely trust Bakers Waste to support us in executing any future growth plans”. Sam Hagger, Founder & Director, the Beautiful Pubs Collective

Sam Hagger pouring a pint
the forge inn, inside

Beautiful Pubs Striving for a Sustainable Future

Sam has recycling and the state of our planet at the forefront of his mind. He and his team made this clear from day one. Together we have moved the business into the most environmentally friendly recycling services available today and away from land-fill.

As a result, The Beautiful Pubs Collective doesn’t just stop there. Much like the attention to detail shown via each pub’s tailored customer experience, the pubs are being put under a fine-tooth comb to ensure everything is as sustainable as possible. For example, straws are now strictly paper-only and almost everything is sourced locally, as Sam states “from bins to menus.”

“Each pub is unique, but Bakers Waste has treated them with equal care and attention. We haven’t looked back since! The level of communication and attention to detail is second-to-none. Despite COVID-19 and of course a difficult moment for everybody, I firmly believe with Bakers Waste support we’ll be able to continue moving forward, safely.” – Sam Hagger

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