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Bakers Waste Leicester Racecourse  Case Study 1

High profile sports entertainment, business venue and community events hub Leicester Racecourse is at the heart of all things Leicestershire and has been since its establishment at Victoria Park, Leicester in 1773.

With over 110 years’ worth of iconic races and community events such as The Prince of Wales Stakes, The Portland Stakes, family fun days, Ladies Day and more; Leicester Racecourse is fully equipped to inspire the masses and does so on a regular basis.

Boasting one of the biggest crowds in Leicestershire, making them a hugely influential local figure with community values at the forefront of everything they do. So, how does this translate into their environmental impact, what do Leicester Racecourse do to help save the planet?

Previous Service

Leicester Racecourse had previously been disposing of their waste through a single waste stream, general waste. Recyclable materials were being thrown away with non-recyclable materials, causing contaminating of recyclable items. This resulted in heavy bins, low recycling rates and high prices.

Audit Process & New Services

Bakers Waste approached Leicester Racecourse over 4 years ago and immediately the cogs began to turn for both parties; sharing the family-run ethos and community values, the process moved along quickly and coherently.

Lynda Page, Client Account & Broker Executive, visited Leicester Racecourse recently to perform an updated waste and recycling site audit free of charge. A proposal was submitted which focussed primarily on immediately increasing recycling rates and in turn, reducing costs through introducing segregated waste streams in dry mixed recycling and glass recycling dedicated wheelie bin services.

When asked why he chose Bakers Waste, Rob Bracken stated “the Bakers Waste brand has always been more prominent in Leicester and overall we are really impressed with the communication and dedication to constantly evolve the contract. We have always worked in synergy and gone down a journey; I genuinely feel as though Bakers Waste really care”.

Why segregate your waste?

All waste is charged based on weight. Therefore, a weight allowance is given and if exceeded, a charge will apply. Bakers Waste work with the customer to ensure this is avoided through segregating heavy waste into separate dedicated waste streams such as dry mixed recycling, glass recycling, food recycling and cardboard recycling.

Moreover, Bakers Waste recycle as much waste as possible for Leicester Racecourse or their customers, whilst also saving them money in the process.

Leicester Racecourse trucks
skip truck at leicester racecourse

Leicester Racecourse going Above and beyond

Why stop at waste disposal? This is just one component of becoming more environmentally friendly; Rob Bracken knew this and went on to elucidate “Leicester Racecourse have now put environmental issues high on the agenda at our weekly catch-up meetings. It’s imperative that our employees know how important they are to making recycling success at Leicester Racecourse. We must bring the domestic mentality of recycling into the business through on-going internal education”. Recycling is a collective effort and teamwork is the basis of Leicester Racecourse’s environmental strategy.

There are already numerous procedures in place which benefit environmental figures. This includes reusing paper shredding as equestrian bedding, labelling internal bins clearly to make office segregation easier, sourcing food from local produce and sourcing suppliers which share the view that packaging should be kept at a minimum.

Event Recycling Policy

Concerns were raised over the then up-coming Gentlemen’s Day, as Leicester Racecourse saw a huge rise in ticket sales to over twice as many as previous years. Rob’s trepidation may come to a surprise following such successful figures, but they were measured, as he explained it meant 12,500 plastic cups were used throughout the event.

From negative to positive; the immediate increase in plastic-use has inspired Rob to consider an array of options. Revealing that Ladies Day will be the first Leicester Racecourse event without any plastic bottles, as canned water replaces them. However, this alone isn’t enough to suffice the plastic issue; reusable plastic cups which are exchanged for a deposit of just £1 are also being considered, something that would remove almost all plastic from events at the Oadby, Leicestershire based racecourse.

Bakers Waste provides Leicester Racecourse with additional waste disposal and recycling services for almost all events. This will ensure Leicester Racecourse, Bakers Waste and third-party suppliers honour the environmental strategy laid out by Leicester Racecourse.

What’s next?

It is vital to note that this is only the initial stages of an environmental strategy and something that will continuously be looked at, added to and enhanced throughout the working relationship.

Rob outlines plans for the near future by sharing that environmental signage is set to go up in the grandstand café and surrounding venues such as The Kube and the betting bar in The Grand Stand and backs this up by saying “Bakers Waste are a local figure that has grown to great heights whilst maintaining the not-so-corporate family feel. It is great to work together and have the ability to make local decisions which ultimately aim to provide the Leicestershire community with the recycling rates that must be achieved”.

Call 0333 121 0426 today and work alongside the Bakers Waste team to ensure you are maximising your recycling rates!

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