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Sam Jeynes And Richard Gordon Shaking Hands In Front Of Red Lion Cranford

Red Lion Cranford is headed up by Richard Gordon and Sonya Harvey who through hard-work, determination and vast combined experience of over 50 years has managed to grow the business tenfold, whilst also improving its carbon footprint.

What’s the saying? “You never get a second chance to make a first impression” something that sprung to mind as Richard, Owner/ Director of Red Lion Cranford, eyes lit up at the first mention of striving towards being greener.

Immediately it became obvious that Red Lion is passionate about making a difference. Richard’s buzzing enthusiasm for recycling and the pubs quirky, innovative interior and signage.

Previous Service

Red Lion Cranford previously only had one waste stream; everything was being collected as general waste in which multiple recyclable materials were being thrown into the pile. This led to cross-contamination, resulting in none of the materials being recycled. Without separating the waste, the overweight charges were rising at an immense rate.

Audit Process & New Services

Bakers Waste offer anyone a free site audit to ensure the customer is recycling and saving as much money as possible. Richard explains Sam (Business Development Manager, Bakers Waste and pictured above on the left) met with him and instantaneously recognised he could solve the issue through segregating Red Lion Cranford’s waste into general waste, dry mixed recycling, food recycling and glass recycling. As we peer over Richard’s shoulder we also spot a Bakers Waste skip full of garden waste preparing the pub for sunnier days.

Why segregate your waste?

All waste is charged on weight, therefore a limit is given and should this go over; the customer will receive an overweight charge. In order to avoid this, the weight is shifted across multiple waste streams and dedicated bins for specific materials. Food waste, for example, can be exceedingly heavy and will also contaminate your general waste. Food waste collected by Bakers Waste is turned into Biogas, a renewable energy source that is used to generate electricity and heat.

We now recycle as much of Red Lion Cranford’s waste as possible and save them money in the process. Richard added, “The business has grown in size almost four times over the last year and it is really pleasing to have one less thing to worry about”. The transition has been refreshing, the drivers are always excellent; well-mannered and happy to help wherever needed”. You can read more on Bakers Waste recycling services by clicking here.


From the moment we walked in, an abundance of environmentally friendly messages screamed out at you and the message was clear “we are innovating the catering industry and here’s how!” With an “ECO-LOCAL” (also displayed on the website) black board fully equipped to tackle the modern age with hashtags galore, to paper straws and even biodegradable vegetarian straws made from shell fish.

ECO-LOCAL black board

From first glance you can clearly see what Richard and Red Lion Cranford as a whole are trying to do. Even the Christmas tree and reindeer were made from used wood and glass bottles! No plastic is wasted at Red Lion Cranford; with outdoor bars made from reused plastic and wood too.

wooden reindeer
outdoor bar

Local Produce & Community

Richard went on to explain his local community ethos “We not only strive to educate our customers but take it upon ourselves to practice what we preach through using local suppliers such as farm eggs, pheasants, coffee grounds, venison from Cranford Hall and more”.

The Next Step

Without question, Red Lion Cranford is making the sort of strides which position itself and others to find it easier to be greener; when asked what’s next Richard exclaimed “We know we can do more and we know we’re not perfect, there are so many things we can introduce and this really excites me. We have begun sourcing and encouraging current suppliers to evaluate the way they package things and have offered to use containers, wash them and return them. Red Lion can become a recycling hub for the local area.”

Bakers Waste are extremely proud to be a part of a project with such green prospects and can’t wait to see how things develop.

Red Lion Cranford drone shot
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