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Bakers Waste Working With Warning Zone

Case Study: Warning Zone

Educational life-skills centre, Warning Zone, delivers invaluable life-skills in an interactive manner to young people, ranging from year 6 (ages 10 & 11) in primary schools who visit the centre to years 8, 9 and 10 in high schools who have visits from the “road crew” team dealing with E-Safety.

Through their array of exciting, free from risk environments and activities, the Leicestershire & Rutland’s next generation is establishing a breadth of important knowledge; setting them off on the right path early on. Here’s just a few of the topics Warning Zone covers:

“Internet Safety, Fire Risk in the Home, Knife Crime, Electricity & Building Sites, Alcohol, Personal Safety, Risk around Water, Arson and Criminal Damage, Road Safety and Risk around Railways. The e-Safety Zone covers: Online Grooming, Phishing, Cyber Bullying, Sharing Images, Internet Terms, and Protecting Personal Information, Digital Footprint and knowing who your “trusted adult” is who can talk to you if you are concerned”. Moere info on Warning Zone, here.

Established in December 2004, Warning Zone has gone from strength to strength; making Frog Island, Leicester their home just under a decade ago and renovating the building to accommodate a multitude of learning zones, now employing 12 people with just over 100 volunteers!

Much like Bakers Waste, Richard Grudgings (Warning Zone Operations Manager) and the Warning Zone team are always looking for the next big thing, recently found in the requirement for Internet Safety and even more recently in rising environmental issues; Bakers Waste were invited to visit following a review of their recycling and waste solution.

Warning Zone, Construction Zone
Warning Zone, E-Safety Zone - Name-calling

Previous Service

Previously, Warning Zone had been disposing of their waste through a single stream of solely general waste. Whilst general waste collections is a necessity for almost every business, without reviewing your waste and recycling solution you could be missing out on the opportunity to recycle more and in turn, save money.

Audit Process & New Services

Bakers Waste were approached by Richard Grudgings in July 2019 on their recycling and waste services and the process began instantaneously with Lynda, Client Account & Broker Executive visiting Warning Zone to conduct a site audit completely free of charge.

An environmentally driven proposal was submitted by Lynda and accepted by Richard. Bakers Waste now supply Warning Zone with both general waste and dry mixed recycling, in fact, Warning Zone now recycle twice as much waste compared with their previous collection services.

When asked why he chose to contact Bakers Waste and what made him decide to make the switch, Richard replied “the choice was obvious, Bakers Waste wanted Warning Zone to recycle more and so did I. Not only that, but I liked Bakers Waste’s approach, their background in the local community and their values were succinct with Warning Zone’s.”

Why segregate your waste?

Did you know the price of your waste collections is based on how heavy your waste is? That’s right, a weight allowance is given and if exceeded a charge will apply. Warning Zone and Bakers Waste worked together, as all Bakers Waste clients do, and found the best solution was to segregate the waste into two separate streams, general waste and dry mixed recycling.

This way, overweight charges are avoided and less waste is sent to land-fill. Due to land-fill tax, the more non-recyclable waste you have, the more expensive it is too, this means it’s in yours, ours and the planet’s best interest to ensure as much waste is recycled as possible.

Northampton Picking Line

Leicestershire Community

Touched on above is the synergy between Warning Zone and Bakers Waste, sharing the view that giving back to the Leicestershire community is extremely important. Warning Zone’s community value doesn’t end with school children, they offer job opportunities and volunteer work for apprentices, as well as raise awareness for mental health and host events such as the Leicester Comedy Festival.

How is Warning Zone becoming more environmentally friendly?

As mentioned in the video below, there are plans to implement environmental issues into the life-skill centre; perhaps through a dedicated environmental and recycling section, expanding on the existing plastic waste information found in the water zone.

Warning Zone is always looking for new ways to help save the planet! For example, upcycled bags are used for packs sent to local schools and there is a daily collection for crisp packets, which are sent to Walkers to be recycled.

“Bakers Waste is helping us to segregate our waste at source, which reduces our carbon footprint and increases recycling rates.” – Richard, Operations Manager

Case Study: Warning Zone

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