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17th Anniversary – Blue

Celebrating 17 Years & Sharing 5 Plastic Waste Innovations

Bakers Waste Services Ltd are delighted to celebrate 17 years of service. Going from 1 truck and 10 bins in 2002 to a fleet of over 60 vehicles, head offices, two depots, one dedicated recycling facility, the list goes on! Continuing in this theme, we are excited to share with you 5 innovations in the war on plastic.

  1. Edible Cutlery

That’s right, this could be the start of no more  knives and forks for your picnic or your child’s school party. This innovation supplies you with all the tools you need to eat your grub and then eat the tools themselves! – made from millet, rice and wheat and from an Indian inventor.

2. Edible packaging

Fed up of everything you buy being neatly packed in planet earth damaging materials? Fear no more, as a US agriculture research team has created a packaging material made of milk proteins. What’s more, is this doesn’t only allow you to indulge whilst saving the planet, but it’s also supposed to preserve food better than plastic!

3. Printing with waste 

3D printing is amazing to say the least, but wouldn’t it be so much more amazing if it didn’t use up all of that plastic? Well, now it doesn’t have to thanks to The New Raw, which makes plastic bottles, cups and more into printing filament. Amazing!

4. Homes made from plastic waste

That’s right, more and more of them are popping up in Pakistan and they’re being called “silver houses”. Made from thermally-sealed plastic waste, these structures could also be the future for dams, swimming pools and furniture.

5. Plastic eating mushrooms

We’ve shared a few alternatives, but what about all the plastic that’s still here? Well, maybe one day we’ll have a mushroom infestation, but until then it’s over to the fungi’s to gobble up all this left over material we’ve produced, as a group have been found to gorge on it!

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