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Coca-cola Plastic Recycling

Coca-Cola plastic recycling; with the rise of pushing companies to cut down on their plastic use, Coca-Cola announced its “World without Waste” campaign by acknowledging that food and drink companies were responsible for much of the rise in litter on streets, beaches and oceans worldwide. Coca-Cola published that they also used 3 million tonnes of plastic in one year, with this shocking number it’s hard to imagine all that plastic packaging; research finds that 3 million tonnes of plastic are the equivalent of 15,000 blue whales.

Consequently, Coca-Cola has pledged to recycle a used bottle or can for each one the company sells by 2030. Coca-Cola is the biggest producer of plastic packaging before the following: Nestle- 1.7 million tonnes, Colgate- 287,000 tonnes.

Other Companies Involved in Coca-Cola Plastic Recycling

In February 2019, Nestle also disposed of the use of plastic straws and replaced them with paper straws. This is a great step towards the cut down on plastic use. Especially for large, industrial companies that tend to produce a lot of plastic products and packaging. Coca-Cola chief executive James Quincey stated, “The world has a packaging problem – and, like all companies, we have a responsibility to help solve it”.

Ellen MacArthur Foundation New Plastics Economy Global Commitment; They have called on 150 companies from the plastic industry to be more honest about use of plastic. Of the 150, Coca-Cola is one of 31 companies who have shared details of their global plastic usage. With subsequently, Greenpeace welcomed Coca-Cola’s next move to increase the amount of recycled content in plastic bottles from 7% currently and aim for a massive 50% by 2030. Bakers Waste are extremely pleased to hear this from a world-wide known company.

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