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Coronavirus Covid-19 Statement

Coronavirus Statement | March 2020

Amid the developing coronavirus situation, Bakers Waste Services Ltd wanted to take the time to reassure you of the actions we are taking as a responsible supplier and employer at this time.

The health of both our customers and our team members is our biggest priority. We are closely following the government guidelines, as well as following the advice of Public Health England and the World Health Organisation and introducing a variety of measures to minimise the impact on public health.

Our most recent prevention plan (as of March 20th 2020) is listed below in full.

People & Cleanliness

Cleaning has been intensified during the coronavirus outbreak with our teams requested to regularly sanitise their hands, and to maintain distance when working with customers.

Our drivers will temporarily stop requiring a signature from customers upon all deliveries and exchanges, and instead will take up the recent supermarket delivery model, photographic evidence, in an effort to minimise physical contact.

In addition to this, we will be doing everything we can to supply drivers with cleaning kits for their cabs, as well as sanitary products and the correct PPE distribution throughout the business as regularly as possible.

Any of our team members who show even mild signs of flu-like symptoms, especially a dry cough or fever, have been advised to follow the government advice surrounding medical care and self-isolation, and we are ensuring that team members are supported during this time.

Visitors will be asked to fill-out a health form on arrival to all premises.

Service Continuation

Everyone at Bakers Waste Services Ltd feels it’s our responsibility to fulfil a role to our customers and continue to supply them with their waste and recycling collections.

We know that in times like these, it’s more important than ever to maintain waste services for our customers, so can assure you that our vehicles are running the same schedules and services as usual.

We will continue to monitor the situation and follow the direction given by the government and will take whatever action is necessary to protect the health of our customers and our teams.

Prevention Plan

  • Teams to regularly sanitise their hands and maintain distance when working with customers
  • Drivers stop requiring signatures, opting for photographic evidence instead
  • Continually supplying sanitary and PPE products to our team
  • Team members with mild symptoms are advised to follow government advice surrounding medical care and self-isolation
  • Visitors will be asked to fill out a health form on arrival to all premises.


For further information, advice or assistance please contact our team on 0370 350 6 350 or email info@bakerswaste.co.uk

Yours faithfully,

Bakers Waste Services Ltd

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