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ESPO Framework

ESPO Framework 379

Bakers Waste are proud to announce that we have been awarded a position on ESPO framework 379 to supply Waste and Recycling Collection and Disposal.

“Bakers Waste are looking forward to being a supplier on the framework and working with schools, colleges and other public institutions within the region. We hope that not only will being a part of the framework help us to continue to educate whilst introducing the most cost-effective and environmentally sound ways of disposal of waste.” – Paul Baker, Bakers Waste

Through the framework Bakers Waste will be supplying:

  • General Waste (Collection and Disposal) Services
  • Source Separated Recycling Services
  • Commingled Recycling Services
  • Food Waste Recycling Services
  • Confidential Shredding
  • Clearance Services
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