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Nest Mini

Companies around the world are ever-changing their businesses, services and products to become more environmentally sustainable. Companies like Coca-Cola, Panasonic, IKEA and more are constantly changing the way they do things to become more environmentally friendly. Google makes their products to fit their future goals including their new Nest Mini.

A more sustainable Google

In October 2019 Google announced they were investing £150 million in renewable energy products. In August 2019, Google announced its goal of having all Made with Google hardware contain recycled materials by 2022. For example, each product will reuse one-third of a recycled plastic bottle instead of virgin plastic. Google’s head designer, Ivy Ross, said: “At its core, the design is about solving problems for people and the world’s challenges, and sustainability is one of the most fundamental challenges of our generation”.

What is the Google Nest Mini?

The Nest Mini is a smart speaker, very similar to the Alexa released by Amazon a few years ago. The new Nest Mini new devices: Nest Wifi, Nest Aware, Pixelbook Go laptop and a gaming platform called Stadia.

So what is the new nest mini made from?

The mesh cover that goes over the device is made from discarded plastic bottles and for the body of the device they sourced old CDs and car headlights. Google says one recycled bottle creates enough plastic fabric to cover two Google Home Mini units. They also ensured that just because the products are made from recycled products it does not affect the durability of the device. Google stated, “We went the extra mile to ensure these eco-friendly units are just as reliable as any other built previously”.

What are your thoughts behind the new Nest Mini and will you be buying it?

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