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Help The Homeless Leicester

Bakers Waste Services Ltd are enormously proud to announce that we will be teaming up with local Leicestershire charity, Help The Homeless in order to “help transform lives for the better and help achieve the complete eradication of homelessness and rough sleeping” within Leicester city.

Help The Homeless Leicester

Through multiple avenues, Help The Homeless provide a support network which looks to assist someone living on the street. They provide cooked and packaged food on a regular basis as well as sourcing donated clothing and other essential everyday items.

Food and clothes donations are just the beginning, as Help The Homeless Leicester put the leg-work into rehabilitation pathways. these including temporary housing, job hunting, reintroduction to families and more. They don’t just provide the short-term necessitates, they also look at the long-term solution.

How can Bakers Waste help?

The community has been at the forefront of Bakers minds for some time now. Bakers Waste is now fortunate enough to be able to help. Help The Homeless has become a fantastic opportunity to give something back. With a staff count of over 120 staff members, Bakers will have a good-sized audience to ask for donations.

Furthermore, the variety of jobs means there are lots of positions which could potentially be filled.

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