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How is our high street fighting the war on plastic?

Following Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s BBC documentary “war on plastic” Bakers Waste were keen to drill into the high street’s battle tactics and found there is a great deal being done to restore peace. Regardless of hostility, an alliance has been born; multiple high street names are adding to their environmental arsenal. Here we peer into four opposing barrack’s as the plastic war inspires ecological innovation.

Waitrose launch packaging-free trial

Huge steps have been taken by Waitrose, as they reveal the vision to offer customers the opportunity to shop for food and drink without any packaging whatsoever. This is leading-edge work from one of the countries larger supermarket retailers.

A brilliantly executed new drive to eradicate plastic and packaging as a whole through pick and mix style containers in which customers can help themselves to a variety of fruit and veg, wine and beer, rice, cleaning materials, you name it!

waitrose with tank

Boots swap plastic bags for paper in Fosse Park store

Well-known high street retailer Boots has pledged to scrap all plastic bags from its stores by next year.

This has already begun, with over 50 of their stores already practicing this, including local Leicester store at Fosse Park.

Earn £25 off by recycling at Sainsbury’s

In an aim to inspire their customers to start thinking about recycling, Sainsbury’s are offering their customers to earn money in exchange.

Introducing new reverse vending machines in which customers can return their unwanted bottles and cans to stores with vouchers the incentive. For those who are dedicated and see the potential to save on their weekly shop, they could earn up to £25.

What’s more, is Sainsbury’s also plan to offer customers the chance to use paper bags, which could see the removal of up to 489 tonne’s worth of plastic bags.

Aldi’s green carrier bag trial in Leicestershire

Leicestershire will be the first place to test out Aldi’s brand new green carrier bag scheme, in which new revolutionary compostable bags made from bio-degradable material called Bioplast will be available to customers for just 6p.

Designed to be completely compostable within 12 months, these bags should hit the stores across the entirety of the UK by that time too.

How can you help as a business owner?

Moreover, these four great examples are testament to Hugh’s “war” being actioned today, but what else can you do to combat plastic? Click here to find out how Bakers Waste work with their clients to develop a recycling and environmental plan.

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