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The Full Financially Sustainable Solution

Low Cost and Tailored Sustainability Solutions

Bakers Waste can offer you sustainability solutions that can be tailored for your business. We can offer your business an initial site audit to assess what waste you have and also how we can help. Here at Bakers Waste, we aim to work with your business to offer you the most financially sustainable option.

We offer recycling solutions in:

Sustainability Is Our Number 1 Priority

Our main priority here at Bakers Waste is to make your business more sustainable. You may be reading this thinking it’s all a marketing gimmick and that we are just out to make money. However, based on our own prices, a single stream bin works out around 70% cheaper than if you were to buy a general waste bin.

We have also already helped thousands of businesses to be more sustainable, be apart of our sustainability movement.

Continual Sustainability Audits

We will aim to become your new recycling partners and also find the most suitable solution for your business. Here at Bakers Waste, we understand that your needs and wants can change. To avoid any issues with our services, we will also conduct several site audits through your time with the company and we can re-assess your waste.

This re-assessment will allow us to make it better for your business. We can suggest smaller containers, bigger containers, different bins and lots more to make sure it is the most suitable solution for your business to be financially sustainable.

Waste Reduction – Start With Prevention

Waste reduction is the most important step in being financially sustainable. The best option isn’t always recycling! The best way to be more financially sustainable is to look into how you can reduce waste in the first place to avoid having to dispose of any. A few ways I would suggest to do this would be:

  • Use clear bin bag to conduct a waste audit internally
  • Use recycled paper and also ink cartridges to close the loop
  • make a donation of old uniform and supplies to various charities
  • use digital devices such as tablets to cut out paper usage entirely
  • Collect rainwater and use if for car washing or also for sanitary use

In conclusion, these 4 steps can help your business become more financially sustainable. Bakers Waste are committed to helping your business be sustainable. Get in touch with our recycling and sustainability experts today and find out how we can also help you!

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