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Zero Waste

Festival Season is upon us…Let’s make it zero waste.

As festival season is fast approaching, there is always a huge debate on the zero waste initiatives and the massive environmental impact left by festival-goers after these events.  You may be super excited to attend some of the UK’s biggest festivals events such as the Reading Festival, Wireless Festival, Pride Events, Leeds Festival, Download Festival, and many more!

There are so many ways you can reduce or entirely eliminate your impact on the environment and be zero-waste by just making small changes to your festival routines. Keep reading to see some great suggestions on how you can do your bit!

Zero waste festival

How much waste REALLY is there?

First of all, one of the biggest problems for festivals is that the event organizers can set up their stage, equipment stalls etc but all of the festival-goers equipment is brought by them. This means there is no way of predicting the kinds of waste that will be left.

In February 2020, just days before the first UK Coronavirus lockdown, the group published the new edition of their report, The Show Must Go On.

This report found that in a normal year, UK music festivals are responsible for:

  • Nearly five million festivalgoers.
  • 25,800 tonnes of waste.
  • 24,261 tonnes of carbon dioxide (or equivalent greenhouse gases).
  • 5 million litres of water consumed.
  • 7 million litres of fuel used.

This leaves each person responsible for around 2kg of waste a day! This is around double the amount an average person would use at home.

zero waste

How you can become a zero waste festival goer

  • One super easy change you can make is to find out where the free water stations are at the festivals and take a reusable water bottle. Popular festivals in the UK such as Reading and Leeds have maps detailing where you can mind these water stations once you arrive.


  • We understand that most of you want to look good whilst partying, it’s equally important to support local and ethical businesses when shopping for your festival outfits. This also does not always have to be expensive! If you are looking for a stylish look on a budget, support your local charity shops. This way you can give a second life to great pieces whilst also supporting a great charity.  A local charity shop to us in Leicester is LOROS Hospice. Find your closest store here.


Zero Waste
  • Replace your single-use wet wipes with a cloth and bowl. We know that wipes are convenient and handy at the best of times. An alternative solution is to take a bowl and cloth with you. Not only will this be helping you to become a zero-waste festival goer but also a cloth and water will be much nicer on your skin and will help you to remove any dirt properly without irritation.


  • We all love a bit of glitter at a festival but the environmental impact is huge. There are already over 60 festivals that have banned glitter entirely. If you would still like to wear glitter, there are plenty of biodegradable options from major highstreet brands which can reduce your environmental impact greatly.

Zero Waste Doesn’t Have To Be Zero Fun

Whatever festival you are planning on visiting this year, we hope you have a great time and take a few of these top tips with you! Zero waste can also be Lots of fun!

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