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How We Will Help Your Business Recycle

As we are all aware, trying to recycle benefits the plant a LOT! But you may not have realised how much it can benefit your bank account too!

Currently, your business may be using general waste bins that usually goes and sits in landfill somewhere. This landfill then produces harmful substances for the environment.

One of the main reasons businesses tend to be reluctant to recycle, in general, is down to it not being easy. Bakers Waste are here to keep the transition to recycling a smooth and seamless one.

Our experts are eager to help you recycle

The first thing Bakers Waste can do to help your business switch to recycling is give top quality advice from our recycling experts here at Bakers Waste. We will always suggest the best solution for your business and never base this on making a profit. Here at Bakers Waste, we are passionate about the environment and recycling being a big part of this. We are far more invested in providing your business with a solution to help the environment than a large profit margin.

We will hope to become your new trusted and reliable waste disposal partner. Our advice will come directly from our experienced and knowledgeable experts, so you know you’re always getting trustworthy advice.

how we help you recycle

Site audits of your waste disposal

As well as advice from our recycling experts site audits will take place to assess what waste solutions you currently have in place for the amount of waste and type your business produces. After we have initially assessed the solutions you currently have in place, we will then suggest a more suitable solution for the type of waste and quantity your business produces.

Our solution will always be the best solution for YOUR business. Here at Bakers Waste, we are dedicated to providing waste disposal solutions to help the environment. We can also supply resources afterwards to enforce the new systems. Examples of resources we can supply include but are not limited to, posters, leaflets and presentations.

These site audits will happen regularly throughout to assess if the solution we provided previously still suits your business. Due to business growth and other factors, this can change very quickly. If we are not due for a site audit, speak to one of our in-house recycling experts who can help.

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