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IKEA Home Furnishings

IKEA Refurbished Furniture and Environmental Plans

The world’s largest furniture retailer, IKEA, is trialling the sale of used and repaired furniture in the UK as part of its efforts to become more environmentally friendly. It is estimated that most sofas and chairs consist of 30% wood, 11% steel, 18% polypropylene, 20% polyurethane, 10% polyester, 7% cotton, 3% leather and, 1% wool. We must reuse products and we must do it now because there is no planet B. IKEA have proposed the idea to sell refurbished furniture to boost a culture where it is OK to reuse or refurbish furniture, whilst also finding themselves in the bargain area; a solution for those with a tighter budget.

Refurbished Furniture Services

A great service that IKEA offers its customers is a removal and recycling service. They will take your appliances or old furniture items, refurbish them and resell them.  A typical bed, mattress or sofa is £20 per item and appliances are around £7 per item. IKEA is doing this to lower their environmental impact. They also work with a number of charities who will try to give your old furniture a new life with local families. In some cases where if it is not reusable, furniture will be disassembled and recycled.

Encouraging Customers to Recycle

A brilliant option Edinburgh customers have is they’ve been able to exchange IKEA furniture for a reward voucher.  The Swedish furniture store rather fittingly happened to have its greenest store in Greenwich, London. Running 100% renewable energy from solar panels on the roof and they even offer workshops to customers showing them how to create their own reused tables, chairs and other house items. Reuse, reduce, recycle!

IKEA is also launching a textile recycling scheme across the UK. Stores will also let you bring in old clothes or other fabric to be repaired and reused in a homeless project.

“The furniture and textile schemes were a step towards creating a greener operation”.

– Sustainability Manager IKEA UK

Great news for Bakers Waste

This makes everyone at Bakers Waste feel proud that big stores are becoming more aware of the planet. They are also making changes that will benefit the Earth in the future.

At Bakers Waste our top priority is always striving to reuse, reduce and recycle. Click here to find a variety of ways we recycle.


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