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Photo Of Paul Baker Next To Bakers Waste Truck

Paul Baker’s Story: Leicester Officially the UK’s Most Entrepreneurial City

Our very own Paul Baker, Director, has been named in Visit Leicester’s City of Entrepreneurs and to celebrate the business and the Bakers team want to congratulate Paul on a fantastic achievement, as well as share a snippet of Paul’s journey so far.

“Like most young boys I wanted to be a footballer when I was growing up. Nobody puts their hand up and says I want to be a binman”.

From footballing aspirations to negotiating an official waste and recycling partnership with the club he supports, Leicester City. You could say Paul’s career has gone full circle, there’s no denying a touch of fate about Paul Baker’s journey so far.

Prior to entering the waste and recycling world, Paul worked for his father’s business, and it was there where he acquired his entrepreneurial spirit. “My father had his own business and that was what first turned my eye to the idea of being an entrepreneur”.

In search of entrepreneurialism, Paul left his father’s business to dip his toes into work life on his own two feet – first within recruitment – and then, driving a refuse vehicle for a local waste management company. What’s the phrase, from humble beginnings?

It wasn’t long before Paul recognised an opportunity within the waste and recycling world “I looked around and there weren’t many people doing it. I knew it was regular work and it’s something that there will always be a demand for. I sold my car, got a credit card, and bought my first bin lorry”.

Fast-forward 20 years and Paul is the director of a leading environmental business, home to over 120 employees, a fleet of over 60 vehicles, head offices, three material recovery facilities, and over 5,000 customers in the East Midlands and the rest of the UK.

Not only are Bakers Waste now a successful organisation from a commercial aspect, with year-on-year growth continuing into mid-2022, but a culture of supporting our local community is well established, as Paul states “I believe successful businesses should be giving something back”. Something the Bakers team strives to live by everyday and perhaps most notably in the recent partnership with local charity organisation, Bodie Hodges Foundation.

Paul’s entrepreneurial nature is reflected in all corners of the organisation even today, as we embark on the next chapter and the next 20 years of Bakers – we have some very exciting news to share in regard to this very soon, stay tuned!

We hope you enjoyed this snipped of Paul and Bakers Waste’s story, want to read the full story? No problem – Visit Leicester’s City of Entrepreneurs piece can be viewed in full on their website by clicking here.

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