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Marks And Spencer Environmental And Recycling Plans

Marks & Spencer outline environmental and recycling plans

The major British multinational retailer that is Marks & Spencer is taking action to prevent plastic waste from going to landfill by launching a new advantage, which will enable customers to bring back non-recyclable plastic packaging to their stores. The company want to do this as part of its environmental and recycling plans and goal of becoming a zero-waste business by 2025, M&S is committed to only using plastic in its business where there is a clear and noticeable benefit of doing so. The retailer has devoted to eliminating over 1,000 tonnes of plastic packaging from its business by spring 2019.

The cutting back on plastic scheme allows customers to drop a variety of packaging in the stores new recycling bins. In the bins, ou can find black read

The Senior Packaging Technologist at M&S said: “As a business, we’re committed to reducing the amount of plastic we use, and we have already meal trays, crisp packets, sauce sachets and some makeup containers. All of which aren’t currently recycled by councils and some businesses and they unfortunately end up in a landfill. They started phasing out non-recyclable packaging from our products”, this is a massive step forwards for M&S and they’re closer to achieving their goals.

“Customers don’t know how to recycle certain types of plastic or where it goes after being collected by local councils”. This tells us that they want to educate customers about where their recycling actually ends up. This is a great opportunity they plan to offer their customers to learn about plastic and recycling.

The take-back idea follows the launch of a trial lasting 3 months at one of M&S’s stores, Tolworth, where it has removed plastic packaging from over 90 lines of fruit and veg and introduced the line of greengrocers to their shop floor. The retailer has already phased out 75 million pieces of plastic cutlery given out in its stores each year. They have also replaced a million plastic straws with paper straws which are better for the planet.

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