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McDonalds Straws


McDonalds have stated that they are going to replace plastic straws with paper ones at the beginning of September 2018. They are the latest company to opt-out of using plastic products, in only 1 day the restaurants in the UK can use up to 1.8 million straws per day.

Plastic products can take hundreds of years to decompose if the product is not recycled. McDonalds has stated that “if we reflect on the broader public debate, our customers have told us that they wanted to see a move on the straws”. The decision McDonalds have made to ditch the plastic straws has come from a successful trial they did earlier this year in selected restaurants.

Environment secretary Michael Gove has called it a ‘significant contribution’ to helping the environment, adding that it was a fine example to other large businesses. The ban has not extended to the restaurants global empire, the ban will only be taking place in the UK but in future, there will soon be trials in the US, France and Norway.

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