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Two New Trucks 2020 - Investment

Bakers Waste Services Ltd continues internal investment in the shape of two new trucks; Trade Waste and Roll on Roll Off (RORO) Vehicles.

Following another year of growth, Bakers Waste has begun the New Year (and decade) in emphatic style. Bakers Waste’s vehicles are the lifeblood that sustains a high standard of service and this has been recognised through the acquisition of two state-of-the-art vehicles; working on commercial waste wheelie bin and RORO collections.

In 2019 Bakers Waste invested in two new skip hire trucks and now in 2020 a further investment in the region of £150,000 demonstrates how the business plans to enhance and progress on an annual basis. The fleet is now well over 60 vehicles.

New trade waste vehicle in 2020

Trade Waste Vehicle

Perhaps the most commonly used vehicle for collecting business waste; these vehicles collect waste from a variety of different wheelie bin sizes for waste streams such as dry mixed recycling, general waste and segregated waste streams such as food, glass, paper and plastic recycling.

Roll On Roll Off Vehicle (RORO)

these perfectly designed vechles dispose of heavy and difficult waste. RORO containers are hired (similar to skip hire); offering customers a value for money service option due to RORO container’s large capacity and low transport costs.

new RORO truck in 2020

All of our vehicles are fitted with ultra-modern systems such as adaptive cruise control, 360 degrees cameras and tracker systems.

How does this affect our customers?

Updating our resources, especially vehicles, is directly responsible for efficiencies to continually rise year on year. With new vehicles comes fewer breakdowns, safer drivers and of course, more trucks on the road! All of this contributes to a speedier, more reliable service.

The software on each truck enables the operations department to clearly see where trucks are and re-watch any potential incidents; reducing the journey time and quantity of accidents.

Would you like to drive one of Bakers Waste’s trucks?

If you hold a HGV class 1 or 2 licence and would like a regular routine with a good work-life balance, join the Bakers Waste driving team today by clicking here.

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