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NHS 70 Years

The National Health Service, established in 1948, some 70 years ago. To celebrate such a huge landmark, Bakers Waste have investigated the huge increase and improvement in the way the NHS manage their recycling.

The NHS is now recycling the equivalent to ‘forty-four elephants’ per year. Normanton distribution centre has stated they want to ‘create a greener workplace’. Currently, 189 tonnes of waste is now recycled as appose to going to landfill. The Leeds specialist hospitals have said that “90% of their waste is transferred from landfill and is recycled or reused”.

In NHS hospitals there is something called a ReVend reverse vending machine, the aim of this is to earn money while reducing costs, with their new approach to recycling

The key benefits of this are:

  • The machine also condenses plastic bottles and cans by up to 90% and up to 1,000 items can be held in the machine.
  • When it is full the machine sends out an email or a text message to the hospital facilities.
  • The materials that are sold to recyclers will help to generate extra revenue that is reinvested into the patients care.
  • The ReVend reverse vending machine uses technology to identify and sort recycled containers; this will immediately make them ready for recycling.

Bakers Waste would like to congratulate the staff that work for the NHS on the amazing work they do!

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