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5-Steps for Businesses making a phased return to Work Safely

A phased return to work will be crucial in the restart and continued success of the business. 2020 has not been without its challenges. Here at Bakers Waste, we understand that Coronavirus continues to have a huge impact on everybody’s lives. However, businesses shouldn’t continue in this stress-filled vein; this is why we have detailed below a phased return to work guide for businesses during COVID-19.

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How has Bakers Waste handled lockdown?

The recycling industry has been faced with an abundance of challenges throughout this tricky period. Not least containing and reducing the chance of Coronavirus spreading, but of course the potential financial implications too.

Everybody at Bakers Waste feels extremely fortunate and humbled to have remained fully functional throughout lockdown. Offering our full range of services such as skip hire, confidential shredding, and food recycling. Bakers Waste now looks to move forward and continue with long-term growth plans.

Bakers Waste has been vigilant on PPE, making employees feel safe throughout our phased return to work plan. Supplies such as hand sanitizers and masks, from local supplier WorkStuff UK, has proved invaluable. They offer masks, gloves, and hygiene products.

5 Step guide to making your phased return to work seamless and easy

Following the challenges COVID-19 has brought to Bakers Waste, we have learned a great deal about how to work around strict regulations and using the correct PPE such as gloves,masks and sanitisers in a safe and professional manner.

This has led to the creation of a super simple and easy to follow 5-Step Guide for Businesses who are planning on starting to return to work soon and want to make there employees feel comfortable with their return to work.

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