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What are your Recycling Resolutions in 2019?

With 2018 drawing to a close we have been pleased to see a number of businesses questioning their waste management practices and looking for a more environmentally friendly solution.  We are constantly striving to offer our customers more options to segregate waste at source and reduce product going to general waste.  Our commitment to recycling and reusing waste product will see us announcing exciting new initiatives throughout the New Year.

It was especially encouraging to see so many customers embrace Recycling Week 2018.  An example of this was the Salvation Army removing desk bins and introduce recycling centres at their Wellingborough depot.  Bakers Waste have been keen to play a part in changing practices and look forward to being able to share similar information about other successful projects.

What will you be doing in 2019?

We would like to hear about your Recycling Resolutions for 2019 and how you will be looking to make changes within your business, place of work or even at home. We will be sharing case studies and new stories about positive change and successful initiatives so keep an eye on out for our news pages.

Recycling Week 2019 is 23-29 September, we would like to challenge all to become involved however, don’t wait until then to start making a difference!


Want to make changes but are not sure how?

The Bakers Team offer a free Site Audit to challenge current solutions and investigate any cost effective and efficient changes that can be made to improve your environmental impact.  Contact us  by calling 0370 350 6 350 today for more information or to arrange an appointment.

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