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5 Ways To Reduce Your Volume Of Waste

Zero Waste Week is an annual award-winning campaign, raising awareness about the environmental impact of waste. Starting in 2008, Zero Waste Week always takes place the first Monday in September. Zero Waste Week 2020 runs Monday 7th – Friday the 11th. Zero Waste Week helps your household or business reduces the volume of waste you produce in a week. Below, we’ve taken the time to share 5 ways you could be doing just this!

1. Reducing; energy usage

Light bulbs, electronic devices and cars all produce energy and therefore, waste. One way to reduce the amount of energy you use from light bulbs is to switch to energy saving light bulbs or solar power/ panels.

You can save energy from anything electronic by buying a power saving bank or solar powered chargers, you can carry this anywhere with you to charge your phone, laptop and anything electrical.

Electric cars dramatically reduce the amount of emissions going into the atmosphere, begin taking public transport where possible, or go one step further and cycle to work if you can!

2. Reducing; single-use plastic

Single use plastic waste is one of the largest amounts of waste produced around the world. You can reduce the amount of single use plastic by using reusable water bottles, food boxes and reusable straws and cutlery. Also, don’t forget your ‘bags for life’ next time you go shopping!

3. Reducing; food waste

Reduce the amount of weekly food waste you produce by creating a meal plan. Another great way to turn your food waste into something positive is by starting a compost heap where you can. Your garden will be full of nutrients and you can feel better about your impact on the planet. Win, win! You can also invest in food waste bins or ask your local council.

4. Reducing; materials you throw away

Learning to repair or reuse is a great way to reduce the amount of materials you throw away. Ripped jeans? Repair them or turn them into a skirt, shorts or handbag! Clothes take a long to break down in landfill so instead of throwing away old clothing you can fix them or donate them. Cardboard and paper is also another type of waste that is thrown away way far too often. Always remember the three “R’s”; reduce, reuse, recycle.

5. Reducing; packaging you throw away

Almost everything comes in some sort of packaging. Shop locally and sustainably to reduce the amount of packaging you throw away. There are many companies that have environment friendly packaging! Swap ready-made sandwiches, salad or meals for homemade food in food containers.

“What happens when you throw something away? Away isn’t some magical place; its landfill, an incinerator, the bottom of the ocean, litter or the stomach of an animal. It’s always somewhere else… “

Any type of waste, any amount, anytime. We offer a free site audit to help us and you determine what type of service is the best for your business and the type and amount of waste you produce.

Feel free to get in touch today to see how we can help you reduce your waste.

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