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Spooky & Sustainable Decor

Do you want to decorate your house for Halloween but also don’t want to buy a load of one-time-use plastic decorations?

🎃 Be more sustainable this Halloween! 🎃

In this blog, I will highlight some of the best ways to use your everyday household items and turn them into scarily good decorations! As well as being sustainable, there are some super fun activities for you and your family or friends to take part in!

Bottles Of Poison ☠️

The first one you could do is use your leftover bottles from various drinks and make them spooky before you recycle them. Here you can see normal bottles have been painted black and put some spooky labels on. You can get these labels here. Alternatively, you could make these labels yourself to make this a super cost-effective, sustainable and fun craft.

Halloween DIY

Spooky Eyes! 🧛🏻‍♂️

Here you can see that all you need is toilet rolls and some glow sticks, here is some affordable glow sticks. They have chosen to cut faces and eyes out of these ones for a spooky Halloween effect. Alternatively, you could also cut out shapes and animals if you really wanted to elevate this simple craft. As you can see, they are super effective and would look great in a window.

Ghostly Craft 👻

If you have a few scrap pieces of wood lying around, make them into ghosts! Here you can see a very simple but effective craft. They have simply pained these white and then added some features to bring them to life!

Halloween DIy

If none of these inspired you to go out and make some decorations yourself. Support independent sellers and their crafts on Etsy here

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