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Stocken Prison Bike Donation to Age UK & Help The Homeless

Bakers Waste contacted the Industries Manager of HMP Stocken looking to improve recycling at the facility. They also investigate opportunities to introduce prisoners at the facility to waste management as a potential career post-release.

After a visit to the impressive facilities at HMP Stocken, Bakers Waste have embarked on several joint projects. They will also work together to introduce additional initiatives in the future.

“I was really impressed with the enthusiasm and drive shown by all the staff and governing body at HMP Stocken, this has inspired me to challenge the Bakers team to think about additional ways we can assist. We are looking to offer potential employment opportunities on release for Waste Management. We now have several joint recycling projects that we are working on together.”

– Paul Baker, Managing Director, Bakers Waste.

HMP Stocken has several workshops on site one of which restores bicycles. As part of the work with HMP Stocken Bakers Waste have arranged to collect bicycles and supply them to Age UK Leicestershire and Rutland and Help the Homeless Leicester to sell in their respective charity shops.

Neil Walsh also manages the workshops at HMP Stocken and oversees inmates who restore the bikes said: “This is a really positive project with lots of benefits, not least for the people who receive the bikes”.

Stocken Prison Bikes Donation to Age UK

Paul Baker, Bakers Waste and Neil Walsh, HMP Stocken were pleased to visit the Age UK Store in Beaumont Leys Shopping Centre to pass on the first of the bicycles to Adam Collin, Store Manager.

Lewis Baker of Bakers Waste was delighted to hand over 3 bicycles to Arif Jedsy of Help the Homeless Leicester who opened their brand-new shop on Saturday 8 December on Abbey Street in Leicester.

Stocken Prison Bikes Donation to Help The Homeless Leicester

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