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Tesco Recycling Centre

Tesco has decided to start selling water in cans rather than plastic bottles, they’re the first supermarket to do this and they now offer spring water in 500ml aluminium cans through brand CanO in 700 stores!

A recycled can takes a lot less time to be able to reuse than a plastic bottle does.

Ariel Booker stated, “Aluminium cans have the highest recycling rate of any product out there. A recycled can could be back on the shelf as another one in just 60 days”.

Last year a Greenpeace investigation was carried out and they found that the six biggest companies that are in the soft drinks sector, will sell more than 2 million tonnes of single-use plastic bottles each year and only 6.6% of these are made from recycled material.

Almost 13 billion plastic bottles a year are used for only water and Tesco is helping.

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