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Valentine's Day 2017 - Love Food Recycling

Three Reasons to Love Bakers Food Recycling

This Valentine’s Day we wanted to inform our community of the multiple different ways we also aim to improve what happens to the food we waste and how we do our food recycling.

It is no secret that the amount of food waste the UK produces each year is becoming a problem. Below are three things we’re doing to improve the situation.

1. Working Alongside Leicester South Food Bank

At the beginning of February Bakers Waste and Leicester South Food Bank formed a partnership on the basis that we’re both wanting to make the most of unwanted food.

Between February 1st and 30th April, Bakers Waste will donate 10p per every food bin that is lifted. Click here for more information.

2. Cost Effective For Our Customers

Separating food from your general waste will result in only two things; you will be saving money and helping to save the planet.

Excess weight charges can make a big difference on your overall costs. Bakers GUARANTEE to save you money or will give you FREE waste collections for a month!

Click here for more information.

3. Bakers Food Recycling Process

This is the most important reason to love food recycling out of the three; here you learn also about what we actually do with the waste!

The food waste Bakers collect taken to an AD (Anaerobic Digestion) plant.

At the AD plant, the food will either be recycled into renewable energy/ electricity or into fertiliser and in turn, more food.

Click here to find out how.

Contact Bakers

To enquire about our food waste services, please call us now on 0370 350 6 350 or email: sales@bakerswaste.co.uk

For alternative contact, click here for our contact page.

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