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Setting the Gender Pay Gap Standard

Following the findings from data provided by more than 10,000 firms (including the public sector) the waste management sector is among the top 5 for smallest gender pay gap within the UK.
Through this investigation it was found that 78% of the 10,000 firms pay men more than women.

What is the gender pay gap?

This is the difference between the average hourly pay, different to comparing men and women who are in similar job roles or hold similar values to a business or organisation.
This means that the overall average pay is compared regardless of the job roles, locations, market forces, qualifications, etc.

Waste Management and Gender Pay Gap

The waste management sector prevailed with 5.5% mean and 6.9% median; compared to one of the worst sectors for gender pay gap, Financial and Insurance activities with 25.9% mean and 22.1% median.
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