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What Size Skip Do I Need

I want to get a skip but I’m not sure exactly how big of a skip I need?

This is a very frequent question we get here at Bakers Waste. In all honesty, this will vary for each individual so it’s hard for us to give you an exact answer, although I can try and shed and little light on the subject which should help you decide easier.

Here at Bakers Waste and many other skip hire companies, the normal sizes you can expect to hire are a 2,3,4,6,8 and 12-yard skip. Below, i will outline exactly how much you can expect to fit in each skip.

Skip Sizes 

2 Yard Skip

3 Yard Skip

4 Yard Skip

6 Yard Skip

8 Yard Skip

12 Yard Skip

2 Yard Skip (LE Postcodes Only)

Our 2-yard skip is the smallest skip we sell and unfortunately is only available in LE postcodes. If you fall outside of these then you will have to upgrade to a bigger skip to be delivered to your area.

This skip can fit around 25 of your average black bin bags, this will obviously vary depending on how much you like to fill your bags! If you can visualize the size of something on measurements better, then our 2 yard skip measures in at:

Height – 2’6″ or 0.8m

Width – 3′ or 1m

Length – 4′ or 1.2m

And the capacity of the skip measures up at:

2 Cubic Yards

1.5 cubic meters.

3 Yard Skip (NN Postcodes Only)

Our 3-yard skip is unfortunately exclusive to our NN Postcode customers. If you do not fall within this area, you could try a ” yard skip which is available in our LE postcodes or you could upgrade to a bigger skip altogether wherever you’re based.

This small skip can fit roughly 35 black bin bags full of waste. This is an extra 10 bags from the 2-yard skip option.  If you’d like to see the exact measurements then these are below:

Height – 2’8″ or 0.85m

Width – 3’6 or 1.10m

Length – 5’5″ or 1.68m

The capacity is as follows:

3 Cubic Yards

2.3 Cubic Meters

4 Yard Skip

Here at Bakers Waste, our 4-yard skip is one of our most popular options and we can see why! our 4-yard skip can fit a whopping 45 bags of waste! This amount could easily fit a kitchen refurb or a few DIY projects in the garden. This size of skip is also our first option which is available over our entire service area.


Height – 3’3″ or 1m

Width – 4’3″ or 1.3m

Length – 6′ or 1.85m

The capacity of the skip is as follows:

4 cubic yards

3 cubic meters

6 Yard Skip

Our 6-yard skips are the perfect option between our slightly small 4 yard and our traditional builder skip (8 yard). If something in between these sounds ideal for you then the 6-yard should be perfect for you! These 6-yard skips can hold a huge 65 regular black bin bags inside.


Height – 4′ or 1.22m

Width – 5′ or 1.52m

Length – 8’6″ or 2.6m


6 Cubic Yards

4.5 Cubic Meters

8 Yard Skip

Our 8-yard skip is our most popular skip hire option here at Bakers Waste. This is what id describe toy ou as a traditional builders skip. If you’ve ever walked by a construction site and spotted a skip, it was probably an 8-yard skip. This is our second-biggest skip on offer and can hold around 80 average black bags full of waste!


Height – 4′ or 1.3m

Width – 5’6″ or 1.7m

Length –  12′ or 3.7m


8 Cubic Yards

6 Cubic Meters

12 Yard Skip

Here at Bakers Waste, a 12-yard skip is the biggest we do unless you want to move on to a RORO…but that’s an entirely different post altogether! A 12-yard skip can fit a massive 120 black bin bags inside.

Please also bear in mind that our 12-yard skip does not support Hardcore Waste, Soil Waste, or Soil and Brick Waste which can be found on the other skip hire pages. This is due to weight and can not be lifted properly with these types of waste inside.


Height – 5’6″ or 1.72m

Width – 5’9″ or 1.8m

Length – 12’2″ or 3.8m


12 Cubic Yards

9.1 Cubic Meters

And that wraps up my list of skip hire options. I hope that you found this post helpful and were able to make a decision based on this. If this post didn’t quite help you decide or you have further questions, you can either return to our Information Centre and find a post related to your question or feel free to contact one of our customer service team members on 0370 350 6350

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