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Why Should I Separate My Waste

Separate my waste: What, Why and How?

More and more people want to help the environment, as a result of which waste separation is becoming increasingly popular. But why is waste sorting so important? In this blog, I will outline how to effectively and affordably separate your rubbish and help the environment.

What is waste separation?

You might be reading this wondering what even is waste separation and what categories should I separate my rubbish into. The main types of rubbish separation are Glass, Plastic, Cardboard/Paper and Food. Anything that doesn’t fall into these categories is classed as general waste and cannot be recycled see The Guardians Article on Which Items Can’t Be Recycled.

Benefits that come from separating my waste?

  • Less residual rubbish Less Co2 emissions
  • A positive effect on the greenhouse effect
  • Saves raw materials

Separating it therefore reduces the incineration of residual rubbish. This also reduces CO2 emissions, which in turn has a positive effect on the greenhouse effect. In addition, you save on raw materials because there are reuse and recycling. For example, fewer trees cut for paper, less petroleum needed to produce plastic and we need fewer (rare) metals for making tin and appliances.

Always check the packaging 

You will often find products that are “Partly” recyclable. Partly recyclable means that only certain parts of the packaging are recyclable. For example, these Naked Noodle pots have three elements to the packaging, the cardboard sleeve and the pot it comes in can both be recycled, although the foil lid cannot be recycled, products like this will have a label on them that looks like this


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