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World Oceans Day

World Oceans Day 2018

Today is National World Oceans day! World Oceans Day is all about raising awareness of our planet and how we care for it. World Oceans Day has made an action plan for 2018, their aim is to prevent plastic pollution and they want to encourage solutions for a healthy ocean.

Did you know that 80% of all pollution in the ocean comes from the people on the land, there is 8 million tonnes of plastic each year that gets put into the ocean, this damages wildlife, fisheries and it does not attract tourism. The plastic pollution that goes into the oceans costs the lives of 1 million seabirds, and 100,000 marine mammals every year, the plastic cause’s damage that costs around 8 billion every single year. Click here to read more about World Oceans Day.

Plastic Pollution

In a perfect world, according to David Attenborough, almost everything would be plastic-free. However, in our tech world, that is a mighty challenge. Sir David Attenborough has said that “never before have we been so aware of what we are doing to our planet- and never before have we had such power to do something about it”. Sir David narrates a TV show called Blue Planet, showing exactly what plastic pollution does to our oceans. Through this TV show Sir David Attenborough has urged people to take action to save the future of humanity.

EPA believe that every piece of plastic ever made still exists, they believe this because of how durable plastic is. Plastic pollution has a very big effect on the wildlife that lives in the oceans. Thousands of animals die because of the plastic pollution that ends up in the ocean.

Click here to read more about plastic pollution.

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